♥ FUMIKUN(ふみくん)
♥ FUMIKYUN(ふみきゅん)

≪Favorite motto≫
♥ Workers of the world, oppressed nations, unite !

≪Origin of nickname≫
♥ At first, my nickname called ‘Fumikun’ was given
by one salesclerk of a maid cafe.
♥ But, another salesclerk began to call me ‘Fumikyun’.
♥ Therefore, I am called Fumikun or Fumikyun.

≪The personal web page of Twitter≫

≪Features of Twitter≫
♥ Tweeting my works that I made with origami

≪Why did you start to do origami ?≫
♥ I began to teach origami to my nephew when he was
a kindergartener.
♥ he is still good at that.
♥ So, I have done origami.

≪Favorite singer≫
♥ Kazumasa Oda (OFF COURSE)

≪Why did you like the singer ?≫
♥ I belonged to the drama group when I was a junior high
school student.
♥ The singer KAZUMASA ODA was popular amongst members
of the club.
♥ So, I took a fancy to the singer.

on Twitter ?≫
♥ That is my profile image and origami work on Twitter.
♥ I change that everyday because I think that my origami
works can be appreciated even a little bit.

≪What is “Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Funassyi are”
on Twitter ?≫
♥ That is the story that is expressed the middle of
their journey with origami on Twitter.
You can see the first episode if you click this sentence.

≪What is ” Wasureteta-Omoidenoyouni”
(忘れてた 思い出のように)on Twitter ?≫
♥ That is the tweet that shows the track of Kazumasa Oda’s
album accordingly.
You can see the first episode if you click this sentence.

≪What is “HAMAMURAYA” on Twitter ?≫
♥ That is the fictitious department store in “Rilakkuma,
Korilakkuma and Funassyi are.”

♥ Male

≪Natal day≫
♥ November 20

≪Star sign≫
♥ Scorpius

♥ The former student in law school

♥ Japan

≪The country where you are now living≫
♥ Japan

≪The city where you are now living≫
♥ Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture

♥ Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture

≪Registered Domicile≫
♥ Nagasaki Prefecture

≪Blood type≫
♥ A

♥ 173 cm tall